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Are you overwhelmed by stress and ready to overcome your negative mindset and change habits for a greater
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I work women who have self-doubt, lack self-love and feel burnt out from putting everyone else first. I help them reclaim their mindset and self-worth so they can now give from a full cup.



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Client Words

Here’s the thing about working with Nicole.  She’s knowledgeable and kind. She’s understanding and compassionate. She’s smart and accountable. And because of who Nicole is, and how she coaches, you too start to believe you can be those things (if that’s what you want). For me, working with Nicole was truly life changing. Her knowledge and understanding as a coach allowed me to have the confidence I needed to transform my life, my way of thinking. She held me accountable to the actions and goals I set for myself. I began to dream bigger.  Nicole was accessible and always right there with every challenge and limiting belief. With her coaching, kindness, and compassion I began to work through each challenge, rather than avoiding them. I cannot put a value on Nicole’s 90 day program because to me and the skills I learned through her coaching is invaluable.

- Heather

So far I have found our coaching sessions very helpful, in helping me come up with ideas to stay on track. Nicole is easy to talk to and is great at thinking of things to work on each week. I look forward to the next session each week. It's great to have someone to discuss life work balance ideas with and hope I will be able to work my way back to a balanced life.

- Sylvie

Nicole and I have worked together for 4 short weeks and I have been able to put tough action plans into play that have helped me relieve my depression and anxiety. The most important realization I have with Nicole's coaching was that my depression is coming from putting everyone else first and taking care of everyone else before myself. I have been able to make very tough decisions that have allowed me to move forward in my own life and had helped reduce my anxiety and depression by 50%.

- Jodie

Thank you Nicole for your guidance in helping me to discover and face some hard truths that I’ve been too blind to recognize. I am moving forward with a better awareness to be kinder to myself and to not carry everyone else’s burdens in my heart and mind. I am being mindful to fill my cup up first, in order to be able to fill up others.

- Tracy



I am a Certified Life & Health Coach and a Registered Massage Therapist.
I obtained my Health & Life Coach certification at the Health Coach Institute which is recognized by both the International Coaching Federation and the Canadian Coach Alliance.
I obtained my Advanced Diploma in Massage Therapy at Sir Sandford Fleming College in June 2014 and I became a Registered Massage Therapist with the CMTO in July 2014.

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